The LIU program is an integrative and cross-cultural approach of dialogue and formation offered to young professionals in the fields of politics, media, religion, education and civil society from Arab (Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria) and Danish societies. The program is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in the framework of the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP).

Mission, Vision and Values



    Religious diversity is socially understood and professionally managed to promote a positive change, by leaders from different sectors, as factor of mutual understanding, social cohesion, and peace-building within and between pluralistic societies.



    LIU builds the cognitive, behavioral and entrepreneurial capacities of young European and Arab leaders in managing religious diversity to develop their role as change agents for social cohesion and peace-building within and between societies. This is reached through a cross-cultural dialogue and integrative formation process, with a framework of partnership and common initiatives as well as a multi-faith and international network.

  • Values


      LIU represents a successful Euro-Arab partnership with real collaboration and mutual enrichment on the levels of policy making, management and participation. Hence, we consider it a new partnership paradigm for the “Post Arab Spring” era.


      LIU is a multilevel platform of diversity that fosters intercultural (Danish/Arab), inter-religious (Christians/Muslims/Non-Believers) and interdisciplinary (education, media, religion, politics, and art) dialogues.


      LIU is an empowerment program for young people who hold key positions within their communities and societies, building their capacities and providing for them opportunities to develop and express their spirit of initiative, collaboration and creativity.

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