Commencement of LIU 2015 Program

For its 2015 edition, LIU is offering to its Alumni the possibility to meet again to continue the development of their capacities as leaders for interreligious understanding in times of expansion of extremism and religious violence.

All the Program’s Alumni were invited to join national workshops in each of the four countries. Following that, a Senior Training Program will be offered to thirty selected participants among them, including a 5 week e-course and a 5 day face-to-face seminar.

The main topic of the senior training is Extremism, with the aim of understanding the phenomenon, and of drawing strategies and developing a training tool that contributes to counter extremism on the grassroots level. The e-course should establish the conceptual framework of the issue, whereas the Seminar has the practical aim to help the participants to develop with the help of the Experts, a tool that can be used for the promotion of ideas, values and attitudes able to face extremism and extremist ideas.

LIU 2015 Objectives:

* Build capacities of young leaders on their role in counter-extremism strategies
* Strengthening the Danish-Arab Network of LIU alumni as leaders for management of religious diversity
* Development of a resource/training kit that contributes to counter extremism.

This year we welcome with us on board four subject matter experts:

2015 Timeline:

Date Activity
March 2015 Local Workshops
May - June 2015 E-Course
August, 3 to 7, 2015 TOT Seminar in Beirut
September - October 2015 Local activities designed and implemented by the Trainees + evaluation
March - December 2014 Posting on LIU’s blog and facebook comments, feedbacks and testimonials