Workshop to Create Better Integration

​Members of the LIU, The Leaders for Interreligious Understanding program organized a workshop for members of the Integration Council in Copenhagen municipality of Frederiksberg in order to strengthen dialogue and integration.

“We’re going through the workshop today to provide tools for the Integration Council in Frederiksberg, so they can use the knowledge in relation to their future work,” said Mette Madsen, Danish pastor and member of the LIU.

She pointed out that dialogue is important for democracy.

“… And if the democracy is to be strong, it requires that everyone feels heard and seen, including minorities, so it requires that we actually listen to them,” said Madsen.

In addition to the workshop Sunday, the group will prepare a workshop later this year.

On the day those who attended the workshop played a so-called ‘dilemma game’ in which the participants had to consider the difficult integration dilemmas of everyday life, such as the serving of alcohol in environments that do not drink alcohol.

Fasael Rehman is a member of the city council of Frederiksberg and also a member of the LIU. He said his expectation is that the game can make them wiser in handling integration issues.

“Our expectation is that through the workshop we can get a deeper insight into what kind of dilemma that exist,” Rehman said adding:

“Additionally, we will test it on the members of the Council, to make them better able to handle this kind.”

The Integration Council in Frederiksberg consists of various ethnicities from the Middle East, America and Europe. Its mission is help the local council’s integration efforts in being effective and coherent and appropriate for promoting ethnic equality. The Integration Council may of its own motion or on application give advisory opinions on the general integration policy and the introduction programs offered by the municipality.

The LIU program is a continuing educational program, aiming to promote understanding of the role of interreligious dialogue in building peace, social cohesion and mutual understanding. Participants have earlier met in Copenhagen for a three-day seminar to be associated with various academic experts, trainers, and there will be various visits and events during the three days. The participants are from different countries and have different religious and professional backgrounds (religious leaders, journalists, academics, politicians, civil society, etc.).

Written by Deniz Serinci – LIU participant