• 2014

    We, the participants of LIU 2014 denounce

    • Imposing values on others
    • Prevention of dialogue based on stereotypes and censorship
    • Fanatics, armed extremists, and aggressors who attack diversity
    • Violence, suppression, discrimination, hate crime, killing and persecution based on all kinds of differences and beliefs
    • Using journalism as a propaganda tool by powerful forces of the world to promote false information


    We, the participants of LIU 2014 recommend

    • Freedom of beliefs and non-violent actions.
    • Promoting laws to manage and protect diversity and individual rights
    • Politicians, religious leaders and persons of authority to use dialogue as a major tool to deal with diversity
    • Considering the different religious viewpoints as an open window to creative and constructive discussion by using religion as a horizon for dialogue.
    • Formal and non-formal education and awareness on religions, diversity and ideologies in the learning process and curriculum design.


    We, the participants of LIU 2014 commit ourselves to

    • Mutual openness and understanding
    • Seeking truth, facts and fairness
    • Understand the richness of everyone, by accepting diversity in society.
    • Create a network of LIU ambassadors sharing knowledge, promoting skills, learning and experiences in our personal and professional spheres.
  • 2013

    WE, the graduates of the 2nd LIU program in 2013 from Denmark, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, commit ourselves to:

    • Continuous efforts to promote the principles of dialogue of inclusive language, accepting others and embracing differences as an added value.
    • Not being satisfied only by hearing about the other, but building relations to the other, understanding others and finding the logic behind their beliefs.
    • To widen our network and our exchanges across national and religious diversity and to make the LIU-experience a continuous and open resource as means of information and insights.
    • Document, share and use our experience and expertise to sustain future activities, networks and collaborations on different levels in society.


    WE, as graduates of LIU, refuse:

    • Violence at all levels: physical and verbal, including hate speeches.
    • All types of dictatorships and marginalization.
    • Religious and cultural stereotyping and the lack of ability to listen to the others, as the others present themselves.
    • Tendencies to see ourselves as saviors or to impose our own values.


    WE, as graduates of LIU, recommend:

    • Embracing and engaging all components of society through common initiatives.
    • Increasing awareness and mapping out the needs related to interreligious understanding on thematic and regional levels.
    • Emphasizing the importance of managing religion as a tool for change
    • Making use of all knowledge, competences and resources to propagate shared values.


  • 2012

    DO's of LIU Participants in 2012

    • Do believe in democracy, work for it, nature it on the bases of values and human rights
    • Do communicate with people, break walls, build bridges, work for peace, better life, and common good
    • Do work on national citizenship for all citizens
    • Do be open, accountable, ready to learn and change
    • Do respect all types of diversity

    DONT's of LIU Participants in 2012

    • Don’t try to impose your opinions, values or standards to others and don’t copy models
    • Don’t expect the ban of your freedom of expression and opinion
    • Don’t isolate yourself in your community
    • Don’t generalize and monopolize the truth