Fostering Social Resilience Against Extremism Toolkit

Fostering Social Resilience Against Extremism is a toolkit published under the LIU program. It represents the fruit of the 2015 leaders' learning and reflection journey about extremism which consisted of a seminar and 6 week e-course on countering extremism. it includes three major parts. 

Firstly, a conceptual framework which summarizes the key elements for understanding the issue of extremism, its relation with religion and strategies to counter it is present. The Trainees developed the glossary on the topic of extremism, which was reviewed by the instructors and is published here as annex to this first part. Secondly, the toolkit presents some methodological guidelines, for an adapted implementation of counter-extremism strategies and activities, through dialogue and co-creation methodologies.
Thirdly, it includes five prototypes of activities that can be used either as tools to be implemented or as models for the development of other activities to respond in a creative, contextual and diverse way to the issue of extremism.  The prototypes were developed by the leaders of "Fostering Social Resilience Against Extremism".
To download toolkit: Fostering-Social-Resilience-Against-Extremism-Toolkit-–-LIU.pdf